I hope you are all doing well!

I also hope that you are enjoying working with your new found discovery of YOU, which I discussed in the previous blog. If at any point you feel you may benefit from any extra support on your journey, please feel free to reach out to contact me via phone or email. My contact information can be found at www.universalcoachingservices.com.

Alright, so let’s keep moving here. The next step in the process of discovering YOU is to utilize the knowledge of who you are out in the world on a daily basis. Express YOU!!! I recommend using it in every area of your life…daily! Looking back to the example for me of “love, inspiration, and wellness,” I can look at my life and see how I really show up. For example when I look at my relationships, do I really show up as “love, inspiration, and wellness?” Do I show up as a loving caring person? If I were to answer that question honestly I would say that most of the time I really do. I am human too, and I have lessons to learn here too, so sometimes I may show up in other ways, but I can honestly say that the majority of the time I do show up as a loving caring person.

I also recommend looking at the career section of your life. Are you showing up as who you really are? Remember your job is the vehicle for you to express yourself and serve humanity. Are you serving in a job that allows you to express who you really are? The key is to know who you really are. Some may think that by default, you will show up that way in the world, but that is not always so. We do have lessons to learn and personal growth to experience. So with that, sometimes as humans we miss the mark. But how do you know? Well, that is where mindfulness comes in. In order to know how you are really showing up it is essential to practice mindfulness. It is similar to a car. How would you know how much gasoline is in your tank? You need to look at the gauge. Well, you need to look at yourself too!

You can think of mindfulness as having an extra eye above your head looking down observing you. You have the choice to observe yourself at any moment. If you observe yourself showing up in a way that you don’t want, then choose to shift!!! It is up to you! If you find it challenging to shift, you may want to consider taking some time for yourself. Ask yourself, what is really going on within me? Why am I really showing up this way? And I definitely recommend affirming, “I am willing to see and hear the truth from within me.” You may want to consider journaling, prayer, meditation, creative arts, and talking with someone you trust about what is really going on. We may not consciously see it right away. It may take doing one of these activities (or something else) to bring it to the forefront. When interacting with others, remember you can observe yourself before the interaction. This can be similar to setting an intention as to how you would like the situation to play out. You can also observe the situation in the moment, and after as well. So for example, if I was showing up as judgmental, while observing myself through mindfulness, I would observe myself in the moment and see the judgment. I would choose to shift into love. If I was having a challenge with shifting, I would probably pray, meditate, journal, and if I still felt stuck, I would probably talk to someone I trust to support me with getting clarity as to what was really going on. If I was showing up as judgmental, I would probably feel it in my body somewhere too when tuning in to how my body is feeling so you may want to check in with what is going on with your body too. When we are not aligned with our Truth, our body tells us. We will get into that more soon as I share more information about the Intuition Diet™. These first few blogs are just to get us ready!


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