Hopefully by now you have decided to embrace the TRUTH, that you ARE the expert on you. So now that you completed that step… what is next?

What we are going to do here is take this step by step. When many people hear of The Intuition Diet™ they think of food and diet, which is a part of it, but actually there is more. The wonderful thing about the The Intuition Diet™ is that once you learn the principles around food and diet, you will see that you can actually apply those principles to every area of your life too! Yes that is correct, every area of your life! Alright, let’s start with food and health.

The most frequent question that I am asked about The Intuition Diet TM is “what can I eat?“The first step in answering that question is to create an intention. Most people wouldn’t ask what they should eat unless that are seeking something else. So what are you seeking? Are you seeking better health? More energy? Desire to get off prescription pills (with the ok from your prescribing doctor of course)? More spiritual connection? What is your intention for making changes in the first place? What is your vision for your health? This is the time to be honest with yourself. Creating an intention, or Wellness Vision, is similar to a map. It is the end result you seek. Once you know where you are headed, then you can start moving!

A tool that may be helpful for you is to ask yourself, “What is best for me to create regarding my health?”   When following The Intuition Diet™, you are encouraged to start using the language “what is best for me ______?” This is actually a KEY component of The Intuition Diet™.   This type of language CALLS THE VOICE OF TRUTH FORWARD. So in this situation, you can ask yourself “what is best for me to create for my health?” Your INTUITION is connected to the Voice of Truth. So when you ask the question this way you are calling the VOICE OF YOUR INTUITION forward. If you choose to ask yourself “what do I want to create?” that could actually call a part of you forward that may not be in alignment with your TRUEST SELF. You see, we have many parts. And a part of you can want something that your TRUE SELF does not desire. The challenge is, if you give into the desires of a voice other than your INTUITION or VOICE OF TRUTH, you could quite possibly end up on a road that the TRUE YOU doesn’t desire. So make sure you start using the language, “is ____________ what is best for me?”

So, I ask you, what is best for you to create regarding your health?

Once you create your intention or Wellness Vision (your destination on your map), the next step is for you to discover a way of eating (road) that supports you with reaching your destination. There are many components that can contribute to health that we know of, food is one of them. I STRONGLY recommend that you find an eating plan that is grounded in research. I definitely do not recommend any of these quick start eat-only-one-item for 21 day eating plans unless a doctor prescribes it to you for some reason. And even then, I would recommend getting a second opinion before starting something like that. What about science and research? Thank GOODNESS for it!!! Science and research definitely have a place here. This is where working with a Wellness Coach, Registered Dietician, your Doctor, or someone else in the field of Wellness can really support you! We all have our different areas of expertise. So make sure you work someone who is an expert in the area of the LATEST RESEARCH on food and health. If you feel you would benefit from support, I definitely recommend getting support from me, or someone else in the field! You are worth it!!! Your life is worth it!!!

Where does The Intuition Diet™ fit in to the specific eating plan that you discover? It is recommended to use The Intuition Diet™ at EVERY STEP ON YOUR JOURNEY!!!  So what that would look like at this point is to ask yourself “Is this eating plan best for me right now?” Then ask, “Will I feel at peace eating this way for now?” I encourage you to find an eating plan that you can see yourself following, enjoying, and being at peace with throughout your life. Take one step at a time. The key is PEACE. If you do not feel at peace with the plan that you are about to start, you may need to adjust it. You may end up modifying your plan multiple times on your journey. That is ok. That is part of the process. For example, if you are eating unhealthy 90% of the time, but have an intention to be eventually eating unhealthy only 10% of the time, your first step may be eating unhealthy 80% of the time. Does that get you closer to your intention (your destination)? ABSOULUTELY! Everyone has a different journey here. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF!

Here is the key, once you get clear on the eating plan (road) that supports you with reaching your Wellness Vision (destination), the next step of The Intuition Diet™ begins. I will talk about that in the next blog.



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