Welcome back to The Intuition Diet!

By now you may have had some time to research different eating plans.  You may have connected with your Doctor, a Registered Dietician, a Nurse, a Health or Wellness Coach, or another Medical Professional to support you with finding an eating plan that is best for you.  As I mentioned previously, it is really important to find an eating plan that is grounded in research.  I too understand that there is a lot of research out there and that it can get overwhelming and confusing at times.  This is actually one of the top complaints I hear from my clients.  That is why it is really important to find someone who is a Medical Professional who can support you and help you sift through the research to figure out which plan is best for you.

Once you have your eating plan, take a little time to look over it closely and then ask yourself if you can see yourself eating this way.  Ask yourself “is this eating plan best for me right now?  Is this eating plan realistic for me?”  Asking yourself these questions is the CORE of The Intuition Diet.  If you don’t think that the plan is realistic for you at this point in your life then I advise you to please let your supportive Medical Professional know.  If this is the case, continue with The Intuition Diet by asking yourself “what would need to change with the recommended eating plan in order for me to be at peace with it?  What would need to change in order for it to be realistic for me to follow?”  Let the Medical Professional know whatever information you gather from asking yourself those questions so they can help you find a plan that is in alignment with your Wellness Vision, realistic and hopefully even exciting for you!  Yes, that is possible!  🙂

Once you get clear on your plan, implement it.  Now that you know where you compass is headed and you know the road to get there, its time to really kick The Intuition Diet into gear.  As you start making changes with your eating, you will want to pay attention to how you feel, your energy level, your own mind, how you are sleeping, how you are handling stress, and more.  You want to see the effects of your new eating plan and one of the best ways to identify the effects is to PAY ATTENTION and LISTEN TO YOU!  Listen to the VOICE OF TRUTH within YOU that I spoke about earlier.  Only you know how you feel and only you know what works best for you.  Listen, Listen, Listen.  Then document your findings and bring them to your next visit with the Medical Professional to let them know what is going on.  Also, document what you are eating, the amount you are eating, and when you are eating.  It is really important that you are as specific as you can be with your documentation because the more information the Medical Professional knows the better.

Sometimes people feel wonderful immediately with their new eating plan and sometimes they feel horrible with the changes that they have made.  Sometimes that horrible feeling goes away quickly and sometimes it doesn’t.  It is important to find out exactly what is the cause of that horrible feeling, or any other unpleasant feelings, so you can know what is really going on.   Is it a temporary detox crisis?  Is it because you aren’t eating enough calories?  Is it the type of food you are eating?  Is it because your meals aren’t balanced?  What is it?

Please know that your body’s response to your eating plan can change at any moment.  You could be on an eating plan that worked for 2 months or 40 years and then all of a sudden your body is wanting something different.  How do you know?  Listen, Listen, Listen.  And pay attention to YOU!  Then make sure to meet with someone who is qualified to help you identify what is really going on.  Is it the food or is it something else?  The bottom line is to pay attention and listen to YOU!  That is the key to The Intuition Diet.


With joy and peace,



Disclaimer: This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information I provide is designed for educational purposes and to enhance your health and well-being. It is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a licensed health care provider or intended as medical advice. You should not use this information as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult your professional healthcare providers before beginning any new treatment, and with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your condition.