Are you the type of person that never says “Thank You?” Are you the type of person that says it a little too much? Is there really a “too much” when it comes to saying “Thank You?”

I’m glad you’re still reading… I’ll start off by saying “Thank You.” ;).

First, I invite you to rate yourself on this Thank You Scale. Ask yourself, “Do I believe that I say thank you minimally, just right, or a little too much?” Be honest with yourself and be careful not to judge or criticize yourself. After all, you are a human being learning many lessons in this life… as we all are. πŸ™‚

If you find that you are one who never says thank you or expresses gratitude to those who do kind gestures for you, I encourage you to ask yourself why. Is it because you don’t like to express yourself? Is it because you just expect it and don’t feel sending gratitude back is necessary? Do you just never think about it? Or maybe you just don’t think it’s necessary? Whatever the reason is, please view the following as an opportunity to grow. Gratitude is the language of love which is the language of our soul. When you open up and express gratitude it not only can provide healing for you but for the other person as well. I’m sure we can all agree on the fact that this whole world could benefit from more healing love. Also, expressing gratitude is a conscious and unconscious reminder that the receiver is deserving of all the GOODNESS life has in store for him/her. For the giver, it is a reminder that this person has, and will always have more than enough to give.

If you rated yourself as “just right” keep up the good work! I would like to say “Thank You” to you for all the positivity that you are bringing into the world.

If you found yourself on the other side of the scale and found yourself saying “Thank You” a little too much, I ask you, can you really say “Thank You” too much? The true answer to this question can be found in the location of the source of your “Thank You.” Does your “Thank You” come from a space of lack? Are you saying “Thank You” so much to overcompensate for a conscious or unconsciousness feeling of low self worth inside? Or is it that you are really just wanting to express yourself? Do you want to make sure that the person receives what you said? Do you want that person to feel as good as you feel?

If you believe that you are saying it a little too much then ask yourself “why am I saying it so much.” Do you believe that you deserve the goodness that is being given to you? Well guess what, YOU DO! We all do! Another time that saying “Thank You” a little too much can show itself is when the person really wants to express him or herself. For example, if a person who isn’t expressing himself/herself in many areas of his/her life is provided with an opportunity (that feels safe) to express himself/herself, it may be like having an opportunity to drink water in the desert. He/she may grab the opportunity immediately and say “Thank You” multiple times which may be a way of consciously or unconsciously overcompensating for all the other areas in his/her life where he/she is not expressing himself/herself.

When I rated myself on the scale, it was quite ENLIGHTENING for me! I found myself in the saying “Thank You” a little too much category. I noticed that I say “Thank You” a few extra times to people who I don’t feel really receive the original “Thank You.” If I feel that the first one didn’t penetrate, I will on occasion repeat it in hopes that they received it. But the truth is that some people won’t REALLY receive it so if they’re not willing to receive it, then they’re not willing to receive it. My lesson there is acceptance and being free of expectations about if or how they receive it. Another time I found myself choosing to repeat my “Thank You” is when I want the person to REALLY KNOW how grateful I truly am. I say it more than once to REMIND THEM how much I value them and what they did. Also, I realized that I see it in hopes that they will feel as good, or even better, than I do. The truth is, I cannot control if they receive it and I cannot control how they feel. All I can do is say thank you from the kindness of my heart and hope that they receive it.

To be CRYSTAL CLEAR, all of these situations are not intended to be judged as good, bad, right, or wrong. They are just signposts for you to look at what’s really going on inside of you regarding how you feel about yourself, others, and this world. So the next time you say “Thank you,” take the opportunity to take a moment to look inside and see where you are at. I believe that we are all here to give love and receive love so open yourself up. And REMEMBER that you are deserving of love no matter what! Also, we are all meant to express our true selves so make sure you are doing that EVERY DAY! Accept that we cannot control what other people do, what they think, or how they feel but we can, with the kindness of our hearts, be loving and show gratitude and hope for the best.