Food Cravings
Many people experience cravings of all kinds.  Here is some information that may help you navigate through food cravings while following The Intuition Diet™.
Let’s start off with a common craving that many people experience – ice cream in the evening.  Why are these people not craving pie?  It is possible that it could be because their bodies are actually trying to tell them that they need a substance in the ice cream like magnesium.  Magnesium is found in many ice creams, among other foods as well.  Research shows that magnesium is a mineral that the body uses frequently during times of stress. This can be mental, emotional, or physical stress.  Therefore, if this person had a stressful day, the person’s body could have used up a lot of the stored magnesium to cope with the stress, and this ice cream craving could actually be the body communicating to you that it needs physical support (like renewing its magnesium reserves) to help it function.  So, in this case the person would need a physical source of magnesium in order to meet that physical need.
People can also have cravings that are emotional in nature.  For example, the craving for connection.  Let’s pretend that there is another person who had a stressful day that is craving ice cream.  Let’s say that this person’s body is not seeking magnesium, because they are consuming and absorbing healthy sources of it regularly.  Examples of healthy sources of magnesium are:  dark leafy greens, cacao bean, pumpkin and other seeds, and more.  But this person is still craving ice cream every night.  They could be using it as comfort food to try to either meet their emotional need for connection on some level or to try to disconnect or numb out from that need.  Research shows this temporary disconnecting or numbing out is not supportive of meeting the actual unmet need.  Once the ice cream “high” is over, the unmet need shows itself once again.  That need will probably keep showing itself until it’s met.  If the person keeps using food to meet a need that food cannot meet, then the person could end up gaining weight and/or having other health problems – mental, emotional, or physical.  Therefore, this person needs awareness to meet his/her need for connection.
Each need that we have can be met in different ways, but the bottom line is that the need is met in ways that will TRULY meet that specific need instead of numbing out or disconnecting from that need. These needs are here to tell us something.  It could be that we need to change our diet, that we need to make more time for fun, that we need to let love in more, that we need to exercise, that we need support, or something else.  One of the first steps for The Intuition Diet™ is that you ask yourself “What Do I Really Need?” regularly.  This will support you with fostering a connection with that part of you – YOUR INNER VOICE or INTUITION.  This voice knows what you need at every moment of every day.  I will discuss more about listening to that feedback from your inner voice in the next blog!  You get to choose what you do with the information that you hear from the voice within.  Remember the voice of your INTUITION is always from love and only guides you to safe and healthy activities for you and everyone else.
So start connecting to YOU and listen!
To Optimal Health!
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