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Who am I? This is a question that so many people ask themselves daily. The truth is that In this world, you get to choose who you are. You get to choose who you show up as, and what you stand for. Let me explain. Around the time I was first learning about Wellness Coaching, in 2007, I took a seminar and I was asked to do an exercise where I was asked to answer the question “who are you?” My task was to pick a few words that I would use to describe myself and share that with the group. The first two words I knew right away “love” and “inspiration.” But the third word I really couldn’t come up with consciously at the time. But I had to answer the question. So, when I stood in front of the group to speak, what happened was amazing! To the group I said “I am love, inspiration, and wellness.” “Wellness,” what? Where did that come from I thought? Then about a moment later I realized that yes, that is my truth. Who I am really is a stand for love, inspiration, and wellness in this world. Then I realized that I really was on the right path in life with becoming a Wellness Coach. So how I get to express “love, inspiration, and wellness” in this world through my career is Wellness Coaching. It is the vehicle for me to express my truth. This experience was life altering for me as you can see.

For those of you who are asking yourself who you are, here is an exercise that can support you. I encourage you to get a piece of paper and at the top write “Who Am I?” Next, write adjectives (describing words) that describe who you really are. For those of you who immediately identify yourself as your career, I encourage you to look deeper. For example if you say I am an artist or I am a doctor, that may be true, but what do you stand for in this world? Being an artist or a doctor is a vehicle for you to be what, to be who? For example, if you are an artist you may stand for beauty, or creativity or enlightenment. If you are a doctor you may stand for health, longevity, and happiness. Therefore, being an artist is your vehicle for you to express your true self in this world. Being a doctor is your vehicle for being a stand for health, longevity, and happiness in this world.

When doing this exercise, for those of you who believe in a Higher Power, you may come up with words like “I am a child of God.” I hear that. In addition to that, you get to choose how you use that in this life. How does being “a child of God” affect who you are in this world and how you show up. What qualities of “a child of God” can describe you and what you stand for in this world? What space do you want to live from? For example, unconditional love, grace, compassion, to name a few.

On this piece of paper you can keep writing as many adjectives as you need to until you uncover your truth. If you are willing to see your truth, you will. It may actually be different than you think right now. Or you may have known it on some level, but never really brought it to the forefront of your mind before. I strongly encourage you to do this exercise and see this is a gift for you to give yourself.

The beauty of this exercise is that once you identify who you are and what you stand for in this world, it is a way to reground yourself in any situation and any time. This can be especially helpful in challenging situations. For example, if you are feeling really angry with your spouse or friend and you plan to have a conversation with them about it, you can ask yourself, what is the best way to handle this situation while being true to me? For example, if you have identified yourself as “love,” you can ask yourself, how would “love” handle this situation? How can I be loving when I speak to my spouse or friend? I ask you how would the conversation go if the love within you took the lead instead of the anger or frustration? I’m guessing that conversation would probably go much better when addressing your spouse or friend from a space of love rather than anger or frustration. In fact, your words may be much better received when you are coming from love instead of anger or frustration. In fact, the love in you can also influence the other person to also open up his/her heart and speak from love too. How wonderful would that be?

Once you identify who you are and what you stand for in this world you can start to look at your relationships, all your relationships, including the one with yourself. If you identify yourself as “love” you can ask yourself, am I showing up as love in this relationship? That doesn’t mean that sometimes you may not miss the mark and not show up as love, after all you are human. What I am talking about here is how you show up most of the time. If you haven’t been showing up as your true self, you can change that now if you choose. You can change it with one thought “I am ready to change and be my true self.” The next step is for you to keep the truth of who you are in your conscious mind and live from that daily. Now that is freedom!

You see, if no one had ever asked me who I was, who knows what my life would look like. Who knows if I would have still become a Wellness Coach? Who knows if I would still be as happy as I am today? I can honestly say, I never would have ever guessed that I, the Registered Nurse from University of Michigan who enjoyed working in the Intensive Care Units would become a Wellness Coach and live in Orlando, Florida supporting people achieve and maintain optimal health. I never would have guessed. This is the power of living in connection with the Voice of Truth within you also known as your intuition.

So I encourage you to reply below with what you have discovered… “Who Are You?”



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