elissa picHi!  My name is Elissa Erman.  Thank you for checking out Universal Coaching Services! I will be happy to support you on your wellness journey. I have an innate passion for inspiring, educating, and supporting others on their paths to optimal health and happiness.  I am a Wellness Expert, and I work as a Registered Nurse, Certified Diabetes Educator®, Certified Wellness Coach, and Certified Health Coach.  I am also have certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition.  I graduated from the University of Michigan Nursing School in Ann Arbor, MI.

Shortly after receiving my Nursing License, I obtained my Wellness Coach and Health Coach Certificates from Wellcoaches. Also, I am an affiliate of the International Coaching Federation.  In addition, I also hold a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from T. Colin Campbell Foundation and eCornell.  I have been involved with Wellness for many years now and I LOVE IT!!!

I have always had an innate passion to assist others in living the healthiest and happiest lives possible!  During my Nursing training and after college, I worked in the Intensive Care Units and because of my exposure to patients with complications from cardiovascular disease, I then had a paradigm shift which led me to the area of prevention and wellness.  As a result,  I came to the realization that if I could educate, support, and inspire people about wellness, then I could eventually contribute to minimizing the severity of others having to be admitted into the hospitals and ICU’s in the first place.  This is what eventually led me to the area of nursing that I currently practice which is Wellness Coaching.

I am honored to partner with you on your journey to a happier healthier you!

I decided to start my own business practicing Wellness Coaching in Michigan.  Eventually, I realized that I really wanted live in the Sunshine State so I looked for opportunities in the field of Wellness here in Florida.  Also, I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to work with other medical professionals who had similar understandings about wellness.  So in addition to running Universal Coaching
Services, I decided to take a job with Take Care Health Systems to work with Walt Disney World Cast Members at Walt Disney’s Center for Living Well in Lake Buena Vista, FL.  There I was able to work with thousands of people to help them with living the healthiest and happiest lives possible!  This is exactly what I wanted!  I felt so honored to have worked with people who supported the “happiest place on earth” with their own personal health and happiness.  I worked there for almost 6 years. Recently I decided to resign from there to pursue other endeavors.  While working at the Center for Living Well I was in charge of the Wellness Department.  I provided one-on-one coaching as well as group coaching in many areas relating to health and wellness.  Working on Disney Property was quite an amazing experience and quite humbling as well.  It was a true gift to support the thousands of employees who shine their light on so many from all over the world who visit there.

My most recent endeavors included having my own segment “Let’s Talk Wellness with Elissa!” on 810AM CBS Sports Radio Orlando during the “Baumann and Big Joe Show.”  This show has been a success and supported many all around the world on their wellness journey.  I continue to practice doing individual and group coaching through Universal Coaching Services in South Palm Beach County.  I truly love working in the field of wellness and the reward of supporting so many is more amazing that can be put into words!  I am grateful!