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25 04, 2017

How You Say “Thank You” Shows More Than You May Think…

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Are you the type of person that never says “Thank You?” Are you the type of person that says it a little too much? Is there really a “too much” when it comes to saying “Thank You?”

I’m glad you’re still reading… I’ll start off by saying “Thank You.” ;).

First, I invite you to […]

30 06, 2015

What Do These Cravings Mean?

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Many people experience cravings of all kinds.  Here is some information that may help you navigate through food cravings while following The Intuition Diet™.

Let’s start off with a common craving that many people experience – ice cream in the evening.  Why are these people not craving pie?  It is possible that it could be because […]

23 06, 2015

NUTRIENT-DENSE Dinner Delights

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Hi Everyone!  Here are a few recipes for you to enjoy while utilizing The Intuition Diet™!  REMEMBER to use YOUR INTUITION to decide which one is best for you to try first!  To YOUR Health!

With love and light,









Pine nuts



Brown Rice (cooked)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Sea salt (if desired)

Herbs (as […]

19 06, 2015


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The Intuition Diet™ is a way to bring your awareness to the voice that always exists within you called your INTUITION.

Here is an example of a real life story of a previous client who ended up FOLLOWING The Intuition Diet™ without even knowing all the components. As you will see, his INTUITION lead the way!
Let’s […]

7 04, 2015

“Let’s Do Lunch!” PLUS RECIPES!

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“Let’s Do Lunch!” is a sentence that you may hear quite often! It may be from your friends, family, coworkers, or others. For many people who choose to follow a healthy eating plan, those words sometimes shake them to their core. “What can I do? What will I eat? I want to go out to […]

5 04, 2015

What About Cravings? PLUS Breakfast Recipes for YOU!

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Hi there!

Today I would like to share some YUMMY recipes with to support you with following The Intuition Diet™.  The eating portion of the Intuition Diet™ helps you identify your own individual needs and responses to food.  Since we know the body needs healthy food to thrive, I thought I would share some healthy recipes […]

29 03, 2015

What Does the Research Say?

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Hi Everyone!

As you know, The Intuition Diet™ works alongside science and research.  It is recommended that the eating plan that you are on is grounded in research.  The truth is, that in this day and age, I have found that pretty much any diet or eating plan out there, has research that supports it…even diets […]

22 03, 2015

How Do I Feel?

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Welcome back to The Intuition Diet™!

By now you may have had some time to research different eating plans.  You may have connected with your Doctor, a Registered Dietician, a Nurse, a Health or Wellness Coach, or another Medical Professional to support you with finding an eating plan that is best for you.  As I mentioned […]

15 12, 2014

What Do I EAT?

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Hopefully by now you have decided to embrace the TRUTH, that you ARE the expert on you. So now that you completed that step… what is next?

What we are going to do here is take this step by step. When many people hear of The Intuition Diet™ they think of food and diet, which is […]

9 12, 2014

Who is the TRUE expert?

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As a Wellness Coach, there have been many times where I have observed people ACTING as if they are experts of others, and they really aren’t experts at all.  Many times people think they knows what’s best for another person.  The Intuition Diet™ helps you use your INNER EXPERT, INNER VOICE, INNER TRUTH, or INTUITION, […]

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