“Elissa is a Master of Self Care. If you want to feel better and are willing to do to the work, schedule a session with Elissa. She will help you.” – D.W.
“Elissa has been such a blessing to my life! With her knowledge, coaching skills & intuition it has opened me up & guided me to be in touch with my own! I have transformed my life with the tools she has taught me! Her unique coaching skills you cannot just find anywhere else. She has a special gift that makes working with her so natural and guided. She is so in-tune personally to me & my needs. Elissa has been a major source of growth for my wellness, career, relationships & spirituality! ” -S.C.
“I started eating healthier and exercising more.” -E.S.
“My doctor took me off my medication for High Blood Pressure! I feel so happy!” -P.M.
“Elissa changed my life, I understand that she is not a behavioral therapist but her sessions are so therapeutic.” -M.G.

“Elissa helped me identify the food allergies that nobody ever picked up on. I feel so much better and I feel so grateful!” -A.L.
“I am more conscious now and more aware. Thank you so much!” -L.J.
“With Elissa’s help, I changed my diet and lifestyle and my doctor took me off the medication that I was on for diabetes.” -M.P.
“Thank you for helping me and my family. When my son was 6 months old I went to Elissa to help me learn how to make healthier food choices for my son. Now he is 5 years old and such a healthy boy! My family and I still go to her for support as needed.” -B.E.
“I can say that Elissa Erman has helped me so much throughout the years…physically, emotionally, and mentally. She has given me tools that I can use to help better myself on a daily basis. I completely trust her. She has helped me to make better choices for myself. I’m very grateful to have Elissa Erman as a coach. Her tools gave me the education and strength that I needed to make myself into the healthier women that I am today. I have referred many people in my life to her including my mother, grandmother, and many friends. I was happy to connect them with her so they too could receive the amazing benefits that her coaching offers. To this day, I still call on her to guide me. I do it with complete confidence that her wisdom, care, and tools are Divine Gifts to be treasured. She does shine the light.” -A.C.